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Cybersecurity Skills Shortage Impact on Cloud Computing

Look at any industry data and you’ll see a consistent trend – the march toward cloud computing continues to gain momentum.  According to ESG research, 75% of organizations are currently using public cloud services (note: I am an ESG employee).  This is dominated by the use of SaaS today but ESG research reveals that 38% of organizations use IaaS while 33% use PaaS.  The research also indicates that these numbers will continue to increase in the future.

Now before you short HP and double-down on AWS, there is also a potential fly in the ointment – the global cybersecurity skills shortage.  ESG research indicates that 46% of organizations say that they have a “problematic shortage” of cybersecurity skills in 2016, up from 28% last year.  ESG also asked survey respondents to identify the area where they have the biggest cybersecurity skills shortage.  Not surprisingly, 33% say that their biggest deficiency was cloud security specialists, followed by 28% who pointed to a deficiency with network security specialists, and 27% who have a shortage of security analysts – pretty scary stuff when you think about cloud security defense along with incident detection and response for cloud-based cyber-threats. 

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