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D-LINK DFE-530TX ( Slightly Used)


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Product Description

D-Link DFE-530TX
D-Link DFE-530TX

D-Link’s DFE-530TX Fast Ethernet adapter is a high-performance auto-sensing 10/100Mbps dual-speed adapter for the PCI bus. Installable in a Pentium or Pentium Pro PC equipped with PCI expansion slots, this adapter turns a desktop into a high bandwidth graphic/multimedia workstation or a power server running at full-duplex speed.

Features & Specifications

  • 10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet 32-bit PCI adapter
  • Utilizes auto-negotiation to automatically adjust to the highest supported transfer rate up to 200 Mbps in full duplex mode
  • Supports Wake-On-LAN that allows you to remotely wake your PC from anywhere on the network
  • With the addition of an optional Boot ROM, the adapter can support network booting of supported operating systems