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How one teen amassed an ‘orchard’ of historic Apple products



When he was 10 years old, Alex Jason got his hands on his first Macintosh computer by trading a minibike and a snowblower for it. He couldn’t help but tinker with his new iMac G5, upgrading it as much as he could.

After reaching the G5’s limit, he had an itch to do more.

“I decided I really loved working on these computers and fixing them,” Alex told Mashable. “I went on Craigslist and bought one or two from the early 2000s, and I realized how cool they were because they were, to me, retro.”

Cut to five years later: Alex now has a collection of more than 250 “significant” Apple products, dubbed the Apple Orchard, and the majority of it is located in his family’s basement. If you add up the mice, keyboards, wires and everything, Alex said the number reaches about 500. Read more…

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