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Lamborghini’s crisp, wild Huracán LP 580-2 is the most fun raging bull yet



Video: Nichi Hoskins

Lamborghinis are for making statements. They can say anything from “I’m richer than you” to “I’m Batman” — and everything in between.

Specifically, the Huracán Spyder tells onlookers you care for suntans as much as speed. The $ 1.9 million Centenario says that you wish you were a bumble bee.

However, the new entry-level Huracán LP 580-2 says to the world that you’re a driving enthusiast. Or at least it should. That’s because between the new flatter nose and rear-end, this Huracán is a simpler, lighter Lamborghini.

But, as I found with the McLaren 570S, just because a car is made less expensive and lighter than its brand-mates doesn’t mean it’s innately amazing to drive. Read more…

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