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Prima PH-42T7 42″ Plasma HDTV


Prima (Plasma) 42″ HDTV. Comes with remote . Tv is in excellent condition. Excellent picture quality. It is also HDMI compatible. (slightly used)

Price: $2Prima PH-42T750


Power supply: ac 100-240v 50/60hz

Power consumption: 400w

Screen: 42”

Weight: 31 kg

Tv system & channel coverage: 

System:                vhf         uhf         CATV

NTSC-M:              2-13       14-69     A-6~A-1, A~W, AA~FFF

Color system: NTSC

Remote control unit:  XI

This TV can be connected to DVD, Camcorder and VCR. This Television will require 2 men to move it.