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Scrub Ninjas® Introduces the First Ever Rapid Review Video Game…

Rapid Review Apps Designed to Improve Retention By Playing Video Games: Created for students applying to medical school (premeds), nursing school (LVN, BSN, RN pre-nursing students), and college…

(PRWeb May 11, 2016)

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Windows 10 is now running on 270 million devices, hitting Windows fastest adoption rate ever



Less than a year after the launch of Microsoft Windows 10, more than 270 million users have upgraded or purchased the latest PC software, the company announced on Wednesday.

Microsoft announced during its annual Build developer conference in San Francisco that Windows 10 was “the fastest growing version of Windows for both consumers and enterprises.”

This news is a major milestone for the company after its previous version Windows 8 was considered a failure by many and virtually ignored by businesses. In fact, Windows 10 skipped a number in its sequential order (many believed it would be called Windows 9) to distance itself from its predecessor Read more…

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8 Reasons Why the Tokyo Olympics Will Be the Most Futuristic We’ve Ever Seen

In 1964, the last time Tokyo hosted the Summer Olympics, the nation revealed one of the biggest mic drops in transportation history: the debut of the shinkansen, the world-famous bullet train that became a Japanese icon. The first high-speed train in the world, it spurred similar technology to spread to Europe and other East Asian nations, paving the way for current maglev trains and, arguably, the Hyperloop.

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