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How to Market your Garage Sale

Garage Sale
Garage Sale
Garage Sale

Usually May, June, July, August and September are the season of Garage Sale. From my experience the early and the late month are the best in finding deals.  The best time for the advantage of Garage sale is early spring but we should choose a nice weather for garage sale this weekend. As a Garage sale organizer; I start gathering stuff during the year by looking for the big sales in my area or probably traveling one hour and more for great deals beside home stuff I got it from cleaning, rearranging and organizing my home. For this reason I’ve a ton of stuff that I need to get rid of! So need to have a yard sale!

In my my article there is useful tips to make it successful which I’ve learned over the years about a successful Garage sale!

Make Clear Signs: All you need to have a flashy card colour with bold black pen to write Garage Sale and put the date and address . Make make sure people can read your sign, spelled correctly and pointing right to your home direction!

Have Plastic Bags and Boxes: it is an important thing. People when they buy stuff from you need something in put in. For this reason be ready and put bunch of them near you.

Display Items: If you have an electronics things prepare a wire and plug to show people it works! Make sure hat the power supplies are run well to test out any appliances for sale. Have batteries available for people to try out electronics. People will be less apprehensive if you can readily show them that your item still works. Make it easy!

Stock Your Stuff: Sure, there’s sure to be a huge amount of apparently disconnected things in your deal. However attempt to gathering like things together, and make some satisfying vignettes. Simply in light of the fact that its a yard deal doesn’t mean individuals don’t react to pleasant styling. Bunch things of comparable colors. Presentation garments in outfits. Set a bit table available to be purchased with a spot setting. One of my most loved tips? Accumulate a cabinet out which to show books. Regardless of the possibility that its not available to be purchased, it will get those books you need to move out of the containers and all the more as often as possible under the control of your clients. Get innovative with it -if nothing else, have a ton of fun with your things rather than simply dumping and heaping.

Be Descriptive: If you have things specifically compelling, take the time the day preceding to make labels for them that show what is unique about them. Indeed simply an illustrative title can mean the distinction between somebody who’s intrigued and somebody who passes a thing by. An unmarked cam in a container of different hardware is not as energizing as a generally shown cam with a label that peruses “Vintage 1964 Kodak Brownie! Takes 120 film and has exactly the intended effect!” In the same vein, if there is anything off with the way a thing capacities, demonstrate it on the tag. The purchaser needs to realize what they’re getting.

Collaborate: Invite companions that have a few things they’d like to dispose of to come join in. More things attract more activity to your deal. They can help with the setup and offer some of their things along the way. It makes the day less monotonous, and more stock will give your deal more prominent investment. Also, somebody may bring breakfast tacos!

Value Items Well: Pricing things well includes setting a decent lot and additionally plainly denoting that sum. A decent dependable guideline is to value most everything at 10% of its unique cost. There are exemptions, however in the event that you don’t comprehend what to charge, this is a decent beginning stage. The expense of each thing ought to be not difficult to discover, and if there is no arranging, imprint it as “Firm.” Consider offering amount rebates for things that you have a ton of. Abstain from making an estimating graph or shade directed stickers -simply put the sum on the thing. It spares a considerable measure of bother for everybody!

Promote: Running a notice in the nearby paper is still an extraordinary choice, yet craigslist is an easy decision at this point. Here is a chance to rundown the greater part of your real things, incorporate photographs, and evoke some enthusiasm toward your deal before the day of. There are likewise different destinations out there dedicated exclusively to posting yard and carport deals -exploit these. Yard Sale Search is my favorite…anyone else have some attempted and genuine locales?

Arrange: Pricing your things well is paramount, additionally hope to have some squirm room in there. Clients are the happiest when the sense that they’ve gotten a decent arrangement, or talked you down somewhat in your cost. Play the amusement a bit! However don’t do this excessively soon -spare the expecting a bit later in the deal. You can be less adaptable toward the start of the day.

Begin Early: It appears essential, however getting however much arranged the prior night so you can begin as right on time as could reasonably be expected can truly pay off. Brisk riser are not kidding customers. In the event that you’ve publicized your exceptional things, people may appear brilliant and ahead of schedule to buy them. This is something worth being thankful for -your objective is to offer! Yet don’t be reluctant to adhere to your firearms a little with estimating -it is, all things considered, just 7:45am. There will be more clients!

Have a great time!: Since we’ve collaborated with companions, invested time doing the legwork of estimating and being distinct the prior night, and publicized our deal well, we anticipate kicking back and appreciating the day! In case we’re overwhelmed and invest the entire time helping clients, that is fabulous. Be that as it may we are wanting to have a fabulous time sitting outside, having a brewskie or two, and playing some bocce ball with our companions, too. That seems like a win-win to us.


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Family Day at Garage Sale

Family Day at Garage Sale
Family Day at Garage Sale

With all the love I return again to write a useful article about my favorite subject Garage Sale. As we mention before looking for a useful way to get rid of your household and make some extra cash at the same time; a garage sale. May be you ask yourself why I named my article “Family Day at Garage Sale”?

I gave the article this name because it is an activity that I can’t do it or it can’t be done without family members and friends. It is ok to gather things and keep them in boxes the thing that i can do it alone, pricing also I can managed it. But put the staff in the drive side and organized, keep an eye on it, maintain it is really hard to be done alone.

There is another side, the permission from your civic center, put the street notes, put the online adv, need someone to take care of. and of course it can’t be done by only me. Garage sale is not only a ticket; really garage sales are easy to plan and manage, and they can turn large, unwieldy old lamps and dishes into smaller, more manageable piles of cash. Depending on how much you can sell, you could realistically make over than $500 or more in a weekend.

As a mother I will tel you how I turn my annual summer garage sale into a wonderful family event. I set up my garage sale date 2 weeks before and inform my family members if they have anything to sell and ask them to adjust the date as no work or other plans as I need everybody to be home and give a hand. Usually on this date I buy nice breakfast and for dinner my husband cook nice BBQ.

If you like my article and would like to share some ideas, you welcome

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Why Should You Hold a Garage Sale Every Year

My friends and family every year ask me this question “Why Should You Hold a Garage Sale Every Year”. images (3)

Seriously, I am a big shopper fan, not only me but also my husband who he put it in a way that he appreciated technology. In other words every year we buy much new stuff some of them we thought we will use it later, but in fact we never use them. Other scenario, we bought things as a gift to someone but later we discover that we don’t need it. So we staff ourselves with new things.

As I am that kind of person who hates to keep things that I don’t use it.  My philosophy is that if I’m not using something for more than six months it means that I don’t need it.  In this case I should get rid of it.

On the other hand, many people need some staff I don’t use it so why should I keep it. Logically I will give it to people who need it. Because I spend too much money on buying some staff so I will sell it in affordable price and in this case everybody happy. There is another point in this armament which is that I will get rid of whole year junk to have more space and making extra money and helping other to have thing that is barley used , in good condition and affordable price.

Just remember when you preparing yourself for garage sale for the following:

1.  Don’t put things which are dirty and nasty.  That is one of the issues that get your shoppers to return to their car without even look at your stuff.

2. Keep your pet away from your garage sale as some people are afraid of them.

3.  Don’t priced your staff on the market price value, if the shoppers wanted to pay the market value, then they wan’t waste the day driving around and wasting gas and money.

4.  Be ready before your garage sale time.

5.  Check your local city for permit requirements; as some places require them.


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Why Should You Shop at Garage Sale

Why Should You Shop at Garage Sale
Why Should You Shop at Garage Sale

There is another concept behind shopping from garage sale; which is finding really great deals that I will never find in regular store. For example; I can find very expensive custom jewelry at crazy cheap prices that is nothing may be less that a coke, can you imagine?  Yes believe me, and will be smart to shop in the area of rich people where you can find stuff that even in the boxes with no money. Somebody’s junk can be others’ treasure.

There is really good stuff at garage sale, if we consider that the majority of the things are used; I agree but not as we are saving money; which is better that buy new thing the used are also good like for example crystal, porcelain, glass, silverware which  can simply be cleaned and washed. Also the expensive clothes that can’t be afford; always can be purchased at a great bargain.

Here are some tips that might help you in shopping in garage sale.

  • Make a list of things you need to buy; it is not buying for the sake of shopping.
  • Map out your route, checking the entire local classified like Kijiji, craigslist and Saturday morning newspaper to set the area of shopping.
  • Start your journy early morning usually after 10 o’clock nothing worth remains as all the good stuff has been sold to the early birds.
  • Negotiate politely for a cheaper price, if you feel that the price is high, but be reasonable for what you are asking for.
  • Always check what you buying; as one of my friends she only buy for the sake of shopping.

To conclude, garage sale is to help people buy stuff which is not pricey, on the other hand help another people make some extra money from things which are not needed. It is shopping with pennies, to get fresh air, socialize with people, have sunny relax-able day.

Have fun and I would like to hear from you, contact me


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Tips for How to Run a Successful Garage Sales

Tips for How to Run a Successful Garage Sales
Tips for How to Run a Successful Garage Sales

Yard sale, Garage sale; different names but the same subject. They are good idea to socialize with your neighbors and great way to make extra money while ridding your home of unwanted Stuff. Well organized, well timed and well-stocked garage sale can bring good money; so it’s important to plan it properly. Every year I organize a successful garage sale, and I would like to share my wisdom with you, so this is tips for running a profitable garage sale:

    • Make sure you plan your garage sale in spring, where not many people yet starting their garage sale and also people need to have new stuff and everyone ready to go out for shopping after long winter. and the best time from my experience is May.
    • Get the licence from your civic center; a day before your garage sale to be sure the next day is sunny and encouraging for the garage sale shoppers.
  • Put enough garage sale signs; in the intersections and on the main street; imagine yourself as a potential customer trying to reach your house. The sign should be written in bold showing the address, direction, date and time of garage sale. And when your garage sale is over, take your signs down! Otherwise your will have a good fine for the civic center.
  • Be sure you have enough stuff to run a garage sale, having enough stuff to make people get out of their cars is a key. And in case your stuff is not that much talk to your neighbors, friends and family members if they have things that need to be sold and offer them to sell for them.  Neighborhood garage sales or street garage sale or multi family garage sale; attract more customers, so spread the word ahead of time to arrange multiple sales.
  • Keep it short, like Saturday, Sunday sales are exhausting.
  • Plan for help from your family members and friend and have a day to socialize with them and have fun.
  • Move your car from your drive-way, keep it a side in the street with some colors balloons and a garage sale sign. 
  • Place Kijiji and Craigslist ads for your garage sale date one day before, in order your ad stay on top.
  • Don’t price your stuff too high, don’t forget it is a garage sale. And Don’t price your stuff too low, as people love to bargain, so allow some wiggle room. You can reduce the price after couple of hours.
  • Done forget to price every item, or even give an idea about the pricing for the people who is helping you and the margin of bargaining
  • Be friendly, dress nicely, share smile with cheerful greeting to your customers and the person and then allow them to see their needs.
  •  Don’t put broken or not safe stuff, it is garage sale not garbage sale.
  • Prepare a lots of small bills, change and plastic bags.

Wish to try my tips and believe me you will make a profit and help your community.