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These ear-free headphones look like a torture device from the future



We live in an age where people are constantly plugged in at the cost of tuning everything and everyone else out.

A new pair of ear-free headphones, BATBAND, wants to combat that. It’s a product that “makes your social lifescape compatible with your private soundscapes,” the company said in its Kickstarter video. Sounds fancy. But does it look fancy? Not exactly. In fact, I heard one person ask, “Are we absolutely sure these aren’t alien mind-control units?”

It’s basically a horseshoe-shaped band of spring steel that wraps the back of your head and has an inner lining padded for comfort and minimum sound leakage. Pair it to your mobile device via bluetooth, and voila, you can listen to music and the sound of cars, trains, people, birds, planes, what have you, at the same time. Read more…

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