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Tips for How to Run a Successful Garage Sales

Yard sale, Garage sale; different names but the same subject. They are good idea to socialize with your neighbors and great way to make extra money while ridding your home of unwanted Stuff. Well organized, well timed and well-stocked garage sale can bring good money; so it’s important to plan it properly. Every year I organize a successful garage sale, and I would like to share my wisdom with you, so this is tips for running a profitable garage sale: Read More


Why Should You Shop at Garage Sale

There is another concept behind shopping from garage sale; which is finding really great deals that I will never find in regular store. For example; I can find very expensive custom jewelry at crazy cheap prices that is nothing may be less that a coke, can you imagine?  Yes believe me, and will be smart to shop in the area of rich people where you can find stuff that even in the boxes with no money. Somebody’s junk can be others’ treasure. Read More


Why Should I Hold a Garage Sale Every Year

My friends and family every year ask me this question “Why Should You Hold a Garage Sale Every Year”. Seriously, I am a big shopper fan, not only me but also my husband who he put it in a way that he appreciated technology. In other words every year we buy much new stuff some of them we thought we will use it later, but in fact we never use them. Other scenario, we bought things as a gift to someone but later we discover that we don’t need it. Read More


Family Day Garage Sale

With all the love I return again to write a useful article about my favorite subject Garage Sale. As we mention before looking for a useful way to get rid of your household and make some extra cash at the same time; a garage sale. May be you ask yourself why I named my article “Family Day at Garage Sale”? Read More


How to Market your Garage Sale

Usually May, June, July, August and September are the season of Garage Sale. From my experience the early and the late month are the best in finding deals.  The best time for the advantage of Garage sale is early spring but we should choose a nice weather for garage sale this weekend. As a Garage sale organizer; I start gathering stuff during the year by looking for the big sales in my area or probably traveling one hour and more for great deals beside home stuff I got it from cleaning, rearranging and organizing my home. For this reason I’ve a ton of stuff that I need to get rid of! So need to have a yard sale! Read More