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Why Should You Hold a Garage Sale Every Year

My friends and family every year ask me this question “Why Should You Hold a Garage Sale Every Year”. images (3)

Seriously, I am a big shopper fan, not only me but also my husband who he put it in a way that he appreciated technology. In other words every year we buy much new stuff some of them we thought we will use it later, but in fact we never use them. Other scenario, we bought things as a gift to someone but later we discover that we don’t need it. So we staff ourselves with new things.

As I am that kind of person who hates to keep things that I don’t use it.  My philosophy is that if I’m not using something for more than six months it means that I don’t need it.  In this case I should get rid of it.

On the other hand, many people need some staff I don’t use it so why should I keep it. Logically I will give it to people who need it. Because I spend too much money on buying some staff so I will sell it in affordable price and in this case everybody happy. There is another point in this armament which is that I will get rid of whole year junk to have more space and making extra money and helping other to have thing that is barley used , in good condition and affordable price.

Just remember when you preparing yourself for garage sale for the following:

1.  Don’t put things which are dirty and nasty.  That is one of the issues that get your shoppers to return to their car without even look at your stuff.

2. Keep your pet away from your garage sale as some people are afraid of them.

3.  Don’t priced your staff on the market price value, if the shoppers wanted to pay the market value, then they wan’t waste the day driving around and wasting gas and money.

4.  Be ready before your garage sale time.

5.  Check your local city for permit requirements; as some places require them.