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Why Should You Shop at Garage Sale

Why Should You Shop at Garage Sale
Why Should You Shop at Garage Sale

There is another concept behind shopping from garage sale; which is finding really great deals that I will never find in regular store. For example; I can find very expensive custom jewelry at crazy cheap prices that is nothing may be less that a coke, can you imagine?  Yes believe me, and will be smart to shop in the area of rich people where you can find stuff that even in the boxes with no money. Somebody’s junk can be others’ treasure.

There is really good stuff at garage sale, if we consider that the majority of the things are used; I agree but not as we are saving money; which is better that buy new thing the used are also good like for example crystal, porcelain, glass, silverware which  can simply be cleaned and washed. Also the expensive clothes that can’t be afford; always can be purchased at a great bargain.

Here are some tips that might help you in shopping in garage sale.

  • Make a list of things you need to buy; it is not buying for the sake of shopping.
  • Map out your route, checking the entire local classified like Kijiji, craigslist and Saturday morning newspaper to set the area of shopping.
  • Start your journy early morning usually after 10 o’clock nothing worth remains as all the good stuff has been sold to the early birds.
  • Negotiate politely for a cheaper price, if you feel that the price is high, but be reasonable for what you are asking for.
  • Always check what you buying; as one of my friends she only buy for the sake of shopping.

To conclude, garage sale is to help people buy stuff which is not pricey, on the other hand help another people make some extra money from things which are not needed. It is shopping with pennies, to get fresh air, socialize with people, have sunny relax-able day.

Have fun and I would like to hear from you, contact me