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Zinwell SAM-3402 Switch – NEW

Zinwell SAM-3402 Switch – NEW

Price:$5 for each , Qty:4 (Price for all is $15) , Item#B-05 Zinwell

Zinwell 3X4 switch. 3 inputs for outputs.
Connect up to 4 receviers using a single dish.
Works for free to air, direct TV and dishnet legacy LNBF (Does not work with Dishnet DP LNBF)

Works by connecting the 2 inputs of a dual lnbf to the satellite ports of the switch, the output of the switch connects up to 4 different receiver. When the receiver sends 13 volts, it activates one satellite1 port of the switch, 18 volts will activate satellelite2 port. You may also connect an air anetnna (hence the name 3X4 for 3 inputs, 4 outputs).

This is totally different from dishnetwork’s 3×4 switch as that switch will work on DP type lnbf which is totally different design (Uses frequency shift to distiguish between vertical and horizontal polarity). However, this switch will work on legacy type dishnetwork lnbfs, or any LNBF that changes polarity through voltage change where 13 volts is the vertical polarity and 18 volts is the horizontal polarity.