About Me

Welcome to my web site (My Garage sale).

In the following few lines, I would like to share my story. It is very simple one; can be happened to the most of us.

After more than 20 years of office work, I decide to quite my job not because  I hate my job but when I was forced to change the environment and start working with a group of people who don’t know what is the meaning of team work plus can’t cooperating with each other and gossip all the time, I came into the point that I was fed up and can’t take it any more. I challenge myself more than 2 years to stay in the same area, then I reach a point of no way. That was the hardest decision in my life.

When I quite my job, I start the chapter of what I am going to do? by the way I have BSc degree in English literature, but in the area where I live; the French language is the official language, which is the first rock. I studied French intensively for one year, but I couldn’t get it, I can understand it but I can’t work with it. I nocked all the doors to find a job, but it was useless. This is when I start thinking of something that may help me to earn some money. At this point my web site was born.

I would like to thank people around me for their support.  My husband who is always my biggest support, my dearest friend and the love of my live.

Also, I would like to thanks my kids; my wonderful son and my beautiful daughters. I really proud of each one of you.

And finally; my great parents; you both inside my heart, even if we faraway from each other.