Tips for How to Run a Profitable Garage Sales

Tips for How to Run a Profitable Garage Sales
Tips for How to Run a Profitable Garage Sales

Yard sale, Garage sale; different names but the same subject. They are good idea to socialize with your neighbors and great way to make extra money while ridding your home of unwanted Stuff. Well organized, well timed and well-stocked garage sale can bring good money; so it’s important to plan it properly. Every year I organize a profitable garage sale, and I would like to share my wisdom with you, so this is tips for running a profitable garage sale:

    • Make sure you plan your garage sale in spring, where not many people yet starting their garage sale and also people need to have new stuff and everyone ready to go out for shopping after long winter. and the best time from my experience is May.
    • Get the licence from your civic center; a day before your garage sale to be sure the next day is sunny and encouraging for the garage sale shoppers.
  • Put enough garage sale signs; in the intersections and on the main street; imagine yourself as a potential customer trying to reach your house. The sign should be written in bold showing the address, date and time of garage sale. And when your garage sale is over, take your signs down! Otherwise your will have a good fine for the civic center.
  • Be sure you have enough stuff to run a garage sale, having enough stuff to make people get out of their cars is a key. And in case your stuff is not that much talk to your neighbors, friends and family members if they have things that need to be sold and offer them to sell for them.  Neighborhood garage sales or street garage sale or multi family garage sale; attract more customers, so spread the word ahead of time to arrange multiple sales.
  • Keep it short, like Saturday, Sunday sales are exhausting.
  • Plan for help from your family members and friend and have a day to socialize with them and have fun.
  • Move your car from your drive-way, keep it a side in the street with some colors balloons and a garage sale sign. 
  • Place Kijiji and Craigslist ads for your garage sale date one day before, in order your ad stay on top.
  • Don’t price your stuff too high, don’t forget it is a garage sale. And Don’t price your stuff too low, as people love to bargain, so allow some wiggle room. You can reduce the price after couple of hours.
  • Done forget to price every item, or even give an idea about the pricing for the people who is helping you and the margin of bargaining
  • Be friendly, dress nicely, share smile with cheerful greeting to your customers and the person and then allow them to see their needs.
  •  Don’t put broken or not safe stuff, it is garage sale not garbage sale.
  • Prepare a lots of small bills, change and plastic bags.

Wish to try my tips and believe me you will make a profit and help your community, if you have another opinion please let me know